About Us

Here at Talking Toes, we seek to provide a positive emotional bond between people and socks, hoping to inspire the world in a subtle manner; albeit with a great impact. We incorporated simple but impactful positive quotes onto our socks, so each time you slip on a pair of Talking Toes, you’ll be reminded of the things that matter most in life. We wanted to inspire people to live more positive lives. In short, we don’t sell socks. We sell inspiration. Leave home on a good note with us.

About the founders

We started Talking Toes for people who wanted more than just typical plain socks. More importantly, we wanted to encourage people to stand tall against their biggest fears. Why not through socks? As a result, each pair of Talking Toes socks feature a positive quote on the forefoot, encouraging people to “walk with inspiration”.

No one’s perfect, but everyone deserves a little encouragement each day for the good work they’ve done. And we hope that with our passion and humble socks, we can make a difference to your life and those around you. Here at talking toes, we believe in the daily hustle. Join us and together we will build relationships, take chances, and be better than yesterday.

Believe that a pair of socks can define your day. Believe in a better tomorrow with us.