Taking the humble sock one step further

Socks aren’t just a piece of clothing that keep our feet comfy and blister-free. They're unique accessories with which we can express our individuality and personality.

Talking Toes are more than just a bunch of sock lovers. Our socks have messages of mindfulness and self-love woven into them to help keep you in step with the things in life that matter most. We want to spark conversations by creating real social impact where it matters.

We make socks for your soul, and your soles!


Creating Positive Change

Make an impact through what you buy and wear by supporting a meaningful cause each time you make a purchase. Here's what we're doing for the future of the planet and the people.

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The Impact Collection

Talking Toes supports organizations that are committed to creating a positive change for people and our planet. With the Impact Collection, we work with brands that can help us make a social and an environmental impact.

Sustainability With a Purpose

We have a responsibility to our people and environment. At Talking Toes, we make socks from organic cotton that is certified by the Global Organic Texture Standards, and use materials that are high-quality and sustainable.

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