Putting positivity and purpose in every step

Taking the humble sock one step further

The humble sock has come a long way from being just a piece of clothing that keeps our feet comfy and blister-free. It's become a unique accessory that we use to express our distinct ideas and personalities. At Talking Toes, we're taking the humble sock one step further by transforming it into a symbol that empowers positive change.

Let's talk about positive change

Our purpose is woven into every sock we make. Through our whimsical designs and the stories they speak, we hope to spark meaningful conversations and create real social impact where it matters.

Stay mindful, live purposefully

Through every day, your pair of Talking Toes will help you stay mindful, positive and purposeful—keeping you in step with the things in life that matter most.

"In 2011, I was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. During my lowest moments, I lost sight of the things that were once meaningful to me. With my co-founder, I started Talking Toes as a brand of socks that would inspire people to live purposefully. We knitted inspirational messages into the toes of every sock, so that every time we look down at our feet, we’ll remember the things in life that matter most."

Lucas Saw, Founder of Talking Toes