Talking Toes is committed to igniting positive change, and sustainability is a huge part of that. Here's what we are doing to make the planet a better, more greener place to live in.


Our Materials

Talking Toes recognizes that we have a responsibility to our people and environment. We use uncoated paper mailers made with 100% FSC Mix certified paper that can be recycled.

Our socks are made from organic combed cotton which is certified by the Global Organic Texture Standards. It's just as soft, but way more durable and better for our planet.

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The Talking Toes Sustainability Pledge

Talking Toes is driven by our purpose to create positive change. The way we’re doing that is by ensuring sustainability in our products, packaging and profits. Our socks are made from GOTS certified organic combed cotton, and we use packaging made from recycled paper with minimal plastic. We also donate portions of our gross profits to NGOs and non-profits who make an environmental and social impact with their work.

However, we aren’t stopping there. Our plan for the future is to continue to acknowledge our responsibility as a fashion brand. We plan to go plastic free in our production process, from end to end. (more content about future goals, these can be as long term as you like)

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